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Sombulus is a humorous fantasy adventure in the spirit of Discworld and style of a shounen manga. A zealous paladin, brilliant energy harvester, and curious spiky haired tinkerer set off on fantastic adventures through the strange, surreal, magical and mystery-riddled Myriad Worlds of Sombulus, leaving each place a little more weird than the last.

Sombulus launched on May 16, 2010. It updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays at midnight Pacific Time.

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About the Creator

Christina Major is a web/graphic designer currently living in the Los Angeles area in Southern California. She's also an admin over at the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective.

Christina uses a variety of digital mediums and methods to create Sombulus. Key programs in her creative process include Clip Studio and Adobe Photoshop.

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...or get in touch with her via e-mail at delphina2k@gmail.com.


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