Act 2

Essence is currency in the Myriad Worlds, and when Astyr runs short, the three travellers pay a visit to Tenge, Astyr's uptight serious brother. Their quest leads them into the tiny town of Wart Post, where travelling Demshul whet their thirsts at the Tavern, make shady deals for blackmarket goods, and get their gear fixed before their next jump.

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Act 4

Yanell returns to find her homeworld, Goddessflight, under the influence of a strange corruption. Meanwhile, Astyr and Rana land on another, intact, Goddessflight and try to diagnose a strange malady plaguing Sydney. But when the two worlds collide, they might have bigger problems on their hands than a drowsy paladin...

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Act 8

Sydney has returned to the Kanite-ruled world of Dias Onda, but not in the way she hoped. Now wrestling with questions of morality, identity, and extremely ridiculous bureaucracy, she must work with Astyr, Rana and Cioara to find a way back to her old paladin life that doesn't destroy everything she and her friends have built. As she searches, a strange event known as Atonia is also approaching. What could it mean?

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Act 10

A reluctant Tenge learns more about Kanite culture, while Astyr and Sydney desperately try to escape the lava prisons of Dias Korgan.

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Roomble Rumble

Sydney and Astyr must team up to defeat their biggest challenge yet - a haunted Roomba.

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The Knight and the Knave

A virtuous paladin tries to win a wager, but sometimes the only card that can win against a knave is another knave.

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