Sydney Treuno

Age: 19
World of Origin: Dias Fortuna
Favorite Dessert: Anything Chocolate
Pasttimes: Watching soap operas, sparring, acrobatics, arm wrestling
Special Abilities: Ballista Paladin training, basic sword fighting
Quote: "I'm here to stop you from doing... whatever it is you're doing! Because it's probably bad!"
Costume reference: Dias Onda (Act 8) | Training - Age 14 (Act 8) | Lakmyre Lab (Act 7) | Running Clothes (Act 6) | Flashback/Guard Armor (Act 6) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Dueling Armor (Act 1)

Rana Tashovik

Age: 24
World of Origin: The Library
Favorite Dessert: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Pasttimes: Inventing, tinkering, making tea, travelling
Special Abilities: Communicating with mechanical objects
Quote: "Oh, this? It's just a bulldozer I whipped up."
Costume reference: Dias Onda (Act 8) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Long Coat (Act 1)

Astyr Kaedermos

Age: 23
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake
Pasttimes: Pranks, acting, cooking, dancing
Special Abilities: Essence Manipulation, Storm Elemental Specialization
Quote: "Why should I become more responsible when I can be resourceful?"
Costume reference: Kanite Disguise (Act 8) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Tunic (Act 1)

Tenge Kaedermos

Age: 29
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Biscotti
Pasttimes: Reading, gardening, watching documentaries
Special Abilities: Essence Manipulation (Weaving Specialization), Morphic Duplication
Quote: "Won't anyone see reason here?!"
Costume reference: V-Neck (Act 5) | Turtleneck (Act 2)

Fedros Sarze

Age: 38
World of Origin: Chiose
Favorite Dessert: Pavlova
Pasttimes: Drinking, card games, karaoke
Special Abilities: Blackmarket goods acquisition
Quote: "Nobody look at my perfectly legal adventuring supplies!"
Costume reference: Dweller Disguise (Act 5)

Hannah Suedra

Age: 34
World of Origin: Tarsa
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
Pasttimes: Pilates, gossiping, shopping
Special Abilities: Extreme powers of persuasion through bribery and blackmail
Quote: "Don't worry. I won't make you do anything I'll regret."

Vuudo Valentino

Age: 26
World of Origin: Tarsa
Favorite Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet
Pasttimes: Pool volleyball, working on his tan, womanizing
Special Abilities: Minion acquisition
Quote: "Ladies. My heart yearns for the day we meet again!"

Yanell Tamarind

Age: 47
World of Origin: Goddessflight
Favorite Dessert: Creme brulee
Pasttimes: Ice skating, mystery novels, collecting rocks
Special Abilities: Prime Essence Mastery, searching speciality
Quote: "I am Yanell Tamarind. Diplomatic representative of the Queen's Consulate and voice of her Eternal Majesty across the Myriad Worlds."
Costume reference: Diplomat Uniform (Act 6) | Semi-Casual Uniform (Act 3-4)

Argus Murin

Age: 31
World of Origin: Dias Vertum
Favorite Dessert: Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Pasttimes: Jigsaw puzzles, painting, frisbee
Special Abilities: Avatar of Madir - Holy mending
Quote: "Ever since I ascended, things have been non-stop for me."
Costume reference: Illuminata Brigada Uniform (Act 4-5)

Liesel Murin

Age: 31
World of Origin: Dias Vertum
Favorite Dessert: Raw cookie dough
Pasttimes: Singing, impressions, punk rock music
Special Abilities: Breaking things, sneaking up on people
Quote: "They can do without you for a day or so. Take a break!"
Costume reference: Itinerant Diaconate Uniform (Act 4-5)

Sonia Niviyan

Age: 15
World of Origin: Diem Farella
Favorite Dessert: Bread Pudding
Pasttimes: Flying toasters, exploration
Special Abilities: Toaster piloting, self-narration
Quote: "The daring Sonia takes to the skies!"
Costume reference: Travel Jumpsuit (Act 5)

Kazar Eallin

Age: 32
World of Origin: Dias Ostara
Favorite Dessert: Most kinds of pie
Pasttimes: Antiquing, going to museums
Special Abilities: Artificery, Surveillance
Quote: "It's like a piece of living history!"
Costume reference: Academy Uniform (???) | Casual (Act 5)

Brendolyn Jaleen

Age: 33
World of Origin: Diem Prestia
Favorite Dessert: Eclairs
Pasttimes: Meditation, Kayaking
Special Abilities: Avatar of Madir - Lucid Sight
Quote: "I'm just so tired of sitting on my wings."
Costume reference: Armor (Act 6-7) | Training - Age 14 (Act 8) | Training - Age 18 (Act 8)

Cioara Kaedermos

Age: 30
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Yes
Pasttimes: People-watching, reading fashion magazines
Special Abilities: Artificery, Morphic Imitation
Quote: "The world is my shopping mall!"
Costume reference: Dias Onda Outfits (Act 8)

Supporting Cast - Demshul

Barker, Barkeep of the Batallia Tavern Dionne Tamarind of the Queen's Consulate Gosrel, confident young courier of Goddessflight Joe, Waiter of the Batallia Tavern Lydia Korsica, manager of the Korsica Manufactory on the Outback Phi, skittish young courer of Goddessflight Plenair, researcher at the ConclaveWilton Ewersdine, officer of the Survey Corps

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