Sydney Treuno

Age: 19
World of Origin: Dias Fortuna
Favorite Dessert: Anything Chocolate
Pasttimes: Watching soap operas, sparring, acrobatics, arm wrestling
Special Abilities: Ballista Paladin training, basic sword fighting
Quote: "I'm here to stop you from doing... whatever it is you're doing! Because it's probably bad!"
Costume reference: Dias Onda (Act 8) | Training - Age 14 (Act 8) | Lakmyre Lab (Act 7) | Running Clothes (Act 6) | Flashback/Guard Armor (Act 6) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Dueling Armor (Act 1)

Rana Tashovik

Age: 24
World of Origin: The Library
Favorite Dessert: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Pasttimes: Inventing, tinkering, making tea, travelling
Special Abilities: Communicating with mechanical objects
Quote: "Oh, this? It's just a bulldozer I whipped up."
Costume reference: Dias Onda (Act 8) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Long Coat (Act 1)

Astyr Kaedermos

Age: 23
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake
Pasttimes: Pranks, acting, cooking, dancing
Special Abilities: Essence Manipulation, Storm Elemental Specialization
Quote: "Why should I become more responsible when I can be resourceful?"
Costume reference: Kanite Disguise (Act 8) | Casual (Act 5) | Acts 2 & 3 | Tirani Tunic (Act 1)

Tenge Kaedermos

Age: 29
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Biscotti
Pasttimes: Reading, gardening, watching documentaries
Special Abilities: Essence Manipulation (Weaving Specialization), Morphic Duplication
Quote: "Won't anyone see reason here?!"
Costume reference: V-Neck (Act 5) | Turtleneck (Act 2)

Fedros Sarze

Age: 38
World of Origin: Chiose
Favorite Dessert: Pavlova
Pasttimes: Drinking, card games, karaoke
Special Abilities: Blackmarket goods acquisition
Quote: "Nobody look at my perfectly legal adventuring supplies!"
Costume reference: Dweller Disguise (Act 5)

Hannah Suedra

Age: 34
World of Origin: Tarsa
Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu
Pasttimes: Pilates, gossiping, shopping
Special Abilities: Extreme powers of persuasion through bribery and blackmail
Quote: "Don't worry. I won't make you do anything I'll regret."

Vuudo Valentino

Age: 26
World of Origin: Tarsa
Favorite Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet
Pasttimes: Pool volleyball, working on his tan, womanizing
Special Abilities: Minion acquisition
Quote: "Ladies. My heart yearns for the day we meet again!"

Yanell Tamarind

Age: 47
World of Origin: Goddessflight
Favorite Dessert: Creme brulee
Pasttimes: Ice skating, mystery novels, collecting rocks
Special Abilities: Prime Essence Mastery, searching speciality
Quote: "I am Yanell Tamarind. Diplomatic representative of the Queen's Consulate and voice of her Eternal Majesty across the Myriad Worlds."
Costume reference: Diplomat Uniform (Act 6) | Semi-Casual Uniform (Act 3-4)

Argus Murin

Age: 31
World of Origin: Dias Vertum
Favorite Dessert: Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Pasttimes: Jigsaw puzzles, painting, frisbee
Special Abilities: Avatar of Madir - Holy mending
Quote: "Ever since I ascended, things have been non-stop for me."
Costume reference: Illuminata Brigada Uniform (Act 4-5)

Liesel Murin

Age: 31
World of Origin: Dias Vertum
Favorite Dessert: Raw cookie dough
Pasttimes: Singing, impressions, punk rock music
Special Abilities: Breaking things, sneaking up on people
Quote: "They can do without you for a day or so. Take a break!"
Costume reference: Itinerant Diaconate Uniform (Act 4-5)

Sonia Niviyan

Age: 15
World of Origin: Diem Farella
Favorite Dessert: Bread Pudding
Pasttimes: Flying toasters, exploration
Special Abilities: Toaster piloting, self-narration
Quote: "The daring Sonia takes to the skies!"
Costume reference: Travel Jumpsuit (Act 5)

Kazar Eallin

Age: 32
World of Origin: Dias Ostara
Favorite Dessert: Most kinds of pie
Pasttimes: Antiquing, going to museums
Special Abilities: Artificery, Surveillance
Quote: "It's like a piece of living history!"
Costume reference: Academy Uniform (???) | Casual (Act 5)

Brendolyn Jaleen

Age: 33
World of Origin: Diem Prestia
Favorite Dessert: Eclairs
Pasttimes: Meditation, Kayaking
Special Abilities: Avatar of Madir - Lucid Sight
Quote: "I'm just so tired of sitting on my wings."
Costume reference: Armor (Act 6-7) | Training - Age 14 (Act 8) | Training - Age 18 (Act 8)

Cioara Kaedermos

Age: 30
World of Origin: Lakmyre
Favorite Dessert: Yes
Pasttimes: People-watching, reading fashion magazines
Special Abilities: Artificery, Morphic Imitation
Quote: "The world is my shopping mall!"
Costume reference: Dias Onda Outfits (Act 8)

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