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Skip Day - End of Act 9

Skip Day - End of Act 9

That's a wrap for Act 9! I just want to thank everyone for reading Sombulus through this extremely bizarre time. Even ten years in, I still find a lot of comfort and happiness in making this comic for you all, and it's been an important source of stability for me that I'm glad I could lean on this year through all the scary stuff.

Please let me know if it helped you too; I'm so glad to hear from people who are either long-time or first-time readers also finding joy in the characters I make and their weird adventures!

Some other announcements:
  • I'm taking a small break through the remainder of 2020 to do a bit of work behind the scenes. During the break, I'll be running "Roomble Rumble", a fun short Sombulus story that was part of last year's SpiderForest anthology!
  • Folks on my Patreon have seen the great news that I've finished revising about 100 pages for Sombulus Book 3, and supporters can read the new content right now! Revised pages will be going up in the archives gradually in Act 3 and Act 4.
  • On that note, I really depend on stuff like Patreon and my store since I had no in-person opportunities to sell my art this year and things aren't always super-predictable with my freelance work. If you dig what I do and want to support me, these are great ways to do so!
  • Also, if you'd like to chat with other Sombulus fans, do check out my Discord chat server! Would love to see a little more activity there!
Thanks a bunch, everyone!
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