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Skip Day - Act 10 Starts January 5!

Skip Day - Act 10 Starts January 5!

Hope everyone enjoyed Roomble Rumble! I'm getting everything together behind the scenes and making great progress on the next installment of Sombulus (Act 10!) Look for it to start January 5!

Some fun news: Clip Studio, the program I use to draw Sombulus, released a very fun free update a few weeks ago, and now it's got support for timelapse videos!! How hecking cool is this?!

(I'll probably be sprinkling more around my Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, they're so addictive to watch.)

Another feature of the update is that Clip Studio has a little more support for scrolling comic making, so I decided to play with that too! I'm very new to it and probably won't be super-fast at updates, BUT if you dig the mobile reading experience and just want to relive previous chapters of Sombulus at a leisurely pace, give it a subscribe on Webtoon!

And finally, if you're celebrating Christmas or New Year's this week, I hope you find a way to make it fun. I know it's a weird one for me not being able to do my normal family stuff. I found a timely Twitter thread the other day that had some good tips about how to make the day fun when you're alone. Hope that whatever you choose, you and your loved ones keep it smart, safe and healthy.

Take care, everyone, and see you in 2021! (Unless you're one of my very cool Patreon supporters, then the comic starts next Thursday for you!)

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