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Cioara finally gets dinner.

Time for more SpiderForest Comics of the Week! We're looking at comics with different takes on the post-apocalypse and the societies that emerge once the world ends.

Gifts of Wandering Ice - A group of scavenging warriors pass down their ancient traditions of salvaging things frozen in icebergs from a civilization long dead. But maybe not everything is as dead as they assume...

Ten Earth Shattering Blows - A Mad-Maxish comic about a noblewoman and a brutish warrior, forced to travel together in a desert full of ruthless slavers and lizard-riding assassins. Very NSFW warning on this one!

The Devil's Own - Dominic is a second generation Devil's Own, a cadre of dhampirs sworn to protect their vampire lord and father from all threats. When visitors arrive from the United Territories, his world gets turned on its ear.

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