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Act 1 Announcement!

Act 1 Announcement!

If you're an archive-diver, here's a link to jump right into Chapter Four!

I'm excited to announce that I have completed some much-needed story cleanup in the archives for Act 1 (the Tirani arc). As my readers, I'd like to invite you to take a re-read of the pages while we take a little break in the current story and see them for yourself!

I put a lot of thought and time into making these changes work, and reviewed it with a lot of beta readers to make sure I was properly explaining things that were confusing before, that there weren't an overwhelming number of characters and plot elements to keep track of, and that I wasn't inadvertently cutting any good stuff. Writing's a tricky business, because sometimes things aren't BAD ideas, but they are introduced too soon and make for a poor introduction. Astyr posing as the Death God Suzamus, for example, is a fun idea and absolutely something he would do, but it's also something that prevented anybody knowing the main character's name for 80 pages. These story hooks might make their way into future chapters, but my hope is that Act 1 is now a little more clear and enjoyable for both new and old readers.

Your feedback is extremely important to me, so please let me know in the comments what you think. Thank you for your understanding and for all your support of Sombulus, and be on the lookout for more exciting stuff on Tuesday!

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