Liesel scolds the sheep.

A few fun announcements! This week's vote incentive on TWC is a Q&A comic rerun by reader request! How did Astyr lose his wing?

Also, the SpiderForest webcomic collective recently accepted quite a few awesome comics! We're featuring a few of them in the coming weeks!
  • Xylobone Tomes - The creepy-cute story of a skeleton necromancer and his tiny mandragora minion.
  • Random Battles - Two moms and their precocious young daughter move to the Bebop Isles, where robots, strange antique shops, and magical girls exist side by side, and manga style adventure is lurking just under the surface of this ordinary... okay, no, nothing is ordinary here. :P
  • Witchery Etc. - A young witch named Hazel and a headless man named Jack become friends and try to find him a head. This one's a lot of fun, too!
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