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Fedros defends himself, but Sydney's not buying what he's selling.

Patrons, there are a few fun updates on my Patreon page! I posted a new print that I'm going to be bringing with me to conventions (Because mermaid D&D sessions? Heck yeah!) and a secret character design in the Behind the Scenes blog tier. Your support makes all this possible, so big thanks for chipping in! Do consider joining them if you like seeing my other artwork and secret Sombulus stuff!

Also, here's the last of our SpiderForest inductee comics this season.

  • Out of My Element - A young noblewoman itching for adventure stumbles into a revolution, where the secrets of her past and elemental powers lay just under the surface of the steampowered-world she knows. This comic's got a fantastic blend of steampunk, romance, worldbuilding and magic, and it just got to some really fun action so you should go read it right now.
  • TDUGN (The Drako Universe Graphic Novel) - A fairly new comic about a young girl found in a fantasy world by a bunch of adventurers. I'm really curious to see where it goes!
  • Castoff - Castoff is about a bookwormish boy with magically-glowing eyes who dreams of going out and doing... well, anything besides being secluded away in a dark bookstore by his caretaker. When he crosses paths with a magical bounty hunter, he gets his chance at adventure... though it miiiight not exactly be what he has in mind. Just finished its first chapter, so it's the perfect time to jump in!
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