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This week's bonus vote comic: Is there anything Sydney regrets not doing before becoming a paladin?

Some cool new sci-fi SpiderForest comics in our ranks!

Derelict is about a lone salvager navigating monsters and danger of all sorts in post-apocalyptic California. The art and story are breathtaking, and it's just come back from break, so it's the perfect time to catch up!
Cosmic Dash is a really fun space adventure following a crew of Terrakin, robots, and other aliens on their ship, the Lucky Strike. It's released in 'episodes', so it's a great one to follow as it goes!
6-Commando is a Cold-War inspired drama following the military unit Six Commando and the tensions between the United Nations Alliance and the Federative Socialist Republic. Some really awesome alternate-reality Cold-War stuff going on here.
Whoo! Check them out, along with the other really great comics at SpiderForest!
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