A few new arrivals.

New bonus Q&A vote art: The great wing-swap caper continues when Astyr, Sydney and Tenge notice their new wings...

Updated the convention calendar with some new shows! This weekend, I'll be at Small Press Expo with the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective! Stop by and get your Sombulus books, prints, buttons, and free bookmarks!

And speaking of SpiderForest, we just announced our newest batch of members for the fall season! Check 'em out!


  • Vanguard: Genetically enhanced meta-humans superheroes!
  • The Tale of Jasper Gold: An anthro western gunslinger looks for his lost daughter in the wild west!
  • Sons of the Forgotten: A newish fantasy story following a legendary hero-in-the-making.
  • Bruno Harm: A Sunday-paper style crime strip about an aging cop trying to catch the bad guys and wrangle the grandkids!


  • Moon Gone Dark: A very CLAMP-esque story about a magical dream-walker who is pulled into the court of a goddess.
  • Chronicles of Oro: A girl falls into a fantasy world among thieves and adventurers. What could go wrong?
  • Storm and Desire (NSFW): A cool sci-fi story where interplanetary travel is common and three women set out to learn the secret history of the multiverse.
  • XII: Of Magic and Muses: A newish fantasy story about a group of schoolgirls that get pulled into something way bigger than any of them imagined.
  • White Noise: Characters engineered to be super soldiers band together to fight an alien invasion.


  • Seamus and Abbie (NSFW): A black humor about dealing with depression and everything life throws at you.
  • Monsterous Mimi: Fun one-shot comics about adorable girl with horrible monsterous-yet-cute secrets.
  • Culture Shock: A Japanese ninja and a medieval knight are forced to share an apartment together.
  • Mailbox Rocketship: Abusing superpowers was never so much fun!
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