Rana makes her way through the woods.

This week's vote image: Kanite Emergency Code Yellow (Bet you can't guess the rest!)

Hey sweet, more Comics of the Week from SpiderForest! Lemme tell you about 'em!

LeyLines is an amazing character-driven fantasy story about estranged royal siblings who are being thrown through the machinations of gods, assassins, and their own troubled pasts. Robin's an amazing story-teller who tackles some deeply relatable issues and has my utmost respect. Also, the LeyLines Kickstarter only has 10 days left (I'm gonna get Book 4, but you can get any book you want!), so do catch up on this one. It's an absolute gem!

Moonslayer is a drop-dead gorgeously inked fantasy webcomic that's also about an exiled princess who's on the wrong side of a god... and her epic saga to fight back against her fate. Monica's skill with the quill is undeniable (nib? ink? C'mon folks, lemme have my obscure Hamilton reference), and her piece is one of my very favorites from our SpiderForest Coloring Book Kickstarter (which is over 80% with one week to go!) Do check out her comic!
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