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Last chance for the SpiderForest Coloring Book Kickstarter, where you can color art from Sombulus, Castoff, Damsels Don't Wear Glasses, Retroblade, Soul to Call, Cosmic Dash, Kaspall, Moonslayer, and a bunch of super-cool webcomics! It's going to be such a great book! Be sure to grab a copy before time runs out!

Speaking of SpiderForest, here's some more cool comics of the week from our members!

Arbalest is a story about a remote snowbound region and a mysterious child-like monster (or monster-like child?) who is part of a cycle of sacrifices to return sunlight to the dark land. If you want a new intriguing limited-palette comic with a short backlog, it's a good time to jump in!

If you want an old intriguing limited-palette comic with a big meaty backlog, What It Takes is a great comic, too! The badass martial artist Colbey has somehow survived the apocalypse that killed most of the world's population. Now she must outsmart, outrun, and outmatch the powerful leaders of the corrupt, warring civilizations of the wastelands if she ever wants to see her fiance again.
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