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Rana has a solution.

On TWC and Patreon this week: An early Tirani sketch of Rana and Rana's introduction from my first draft of the Tirani arc.

Some gritty war dramas on SpiderForest Comic of the Week! Let's get in gear and check 'em out!

6-Commando is about an AI tank named Mike that accidentally starts an atomic war trying to save his fellow soldier from enemy hands. Nobody can quite figure out what to do with Mike, especially now that he can take over... other things, too. I really got hooked into this one and am SUPER-CONCERNED about Mike and want to send Rana over to talk to him.

Demon Archives follows a post-WW3 power-armored military unit fighting to shore up the remnants of society while dealing with their own personal and psychological struggles. But the tension and toll of war never seems to stop taking. Man, things get brutal in this one, but Dan and his team are really masters of sci-fi dystopia. Very compelling read!
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