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It's the final SpiderForest Comics of the Week! Did you find some new favorites? I hope so!

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses is set in the magical 80s city of Persephone, and follows Lave Faraday as she rescues sacrificial goats, clueless frat boys dabbling in necromancy and most recently, a young boy targetted by a teeming underworld of supernatural threats.

This comic holds records for "most fanart by me in the comment section" and "most attractive protagonist in Sydney's personal opinion". I absolutely love the characters and the story so far and if you don't read this comic, I will be sad. DON'T MAKE ME SAD.

Aaaand finally, The Only Half Saga follows supernatural hunters and half-vampires and the tangled drama you can weave when you're essentially immortal and know how to hold a grudge. (Steamy scenes in this one, by the way - read with discretion!)
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