Sombulus Act 7 begins April 25!

Sombulus Act 7 begins April 25!

Sombulus returns on April 25! WHOO!

A quick thank you to everyone who came and said hello at Pasadena Comic and Toy Expo, Emerald City Comicon, Santa Clarita Valley Comic and Toy Expo, and my unexpected appearance at Wondercon!

My spring convention season's not quite over yet; I'll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose on April 21-23. This will be my first Bay Area convention since 2014! They've got me in a hallway somewhere (LL24), but if you can find me and mention that you're an online reader, I'll give you a free Sombulus postcard! Look for "Delphinity Comics and Illustration" in the program!

Thank you all so much for your patience. I can't wait to get started with the story again!
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