A smooth landing in Dias Onda.

The SpiderForest Anthology is down to the last 3 days! Not only can you get a great book of short comics by my webcomicmates, you can also score yourself digital copies of Sombulus Books 1 and 2, pritns, and even a cameo in Sombulus! Thank you for your support!

It's July, friends! Vote for Sombulus this week on TWC to see a bonus Q&A comic from my archives. And remember you can read the full bonus comic archive in the Patreon Sombulus Fan Lounge!

Your support on Patreon not only gets you cool world-buildy notes and secret comics and art, it helps me toward affording a color flatter so I can get updates out to you faster! ★

Bonus Vote Comic How many times has Astyr hit the fourth wall? (link)
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