Cioara reassures Astyr about his problems.

Whoo, lots of news today! First off, it's 10/10, which is Tenge Appreciation Day! Check out my Tenge tag on Tumblr to see a little bonus comic from a few months ago. Happy Tenge day, Ten-ten!

I'm a co-host on the Webcomic Alliance, and we're doing a LIVE YOUTUBE HANGOUT tomorrow night at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern in celebration of our first-ever Kickstarter, which is also launching tomorrow! Drop by, ask questions or just join in on the chat! Thank you for your support!

And finally, here's a few more fantastic comics that are new to the SpiderForest collective!

I, Mummy: An impulsive teenager turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. If you like the humor and magic of Sombulus but wish Rana made more weird contraptions and also was undead, please go check this out. It's a super-fun story in so many ways. AND IT'S GOT A CORGI PUPPY.

Folklore: In a world where superheroes and villains have gotten too powerful, scientists find a way to remove superpowers from everyone - but at an unforseen cost of society as we know it. This is a powerful and gorgeous superhero deconstruction/post-apocalypse story, two things that are normally really hard to get me into. Do give it a read!

NEW Bonus Comic for $6+ Patrons Do worlds have any OTHER effects on characters besides changing their art styles?

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