Lydia reinforces the walls.

This week's SpiderForest comics are more fantasy/magic adventures!

Obscurato: Dionisia is a retired warrior living in hiding with the man she loves, their huge family, and secret magic powers. But when a friend is captured, she must lead a rescue attempt before the trail leads back to her... and before sinister forces harness a forbidden magic that could threaten everything. There's a lot of fun intrigue going on in this one, do check it out!

Beneath the Clouds: An exiled nobleman is offered a chance to redeem himself by undertaking a perilous journey to Heian Kyo. With the help of his daughter, he must exorcise literal and figurative demons if he wants his old life back. The style on this one brings me back to my art history classes; mad respect for Heian-era style storytelling and art.

Hex Lovers: Hex Lovers is a very tongue-in-cheek, raunchy series of short stories about Blue Wizard & Hex Witch. They explore dungeons, sex, and how many goblins it's appropriate to fireball on a date before stuff gets weird. NSFW warning on this one!

The Webcomic Alliance Kickstarter is still going on, whoo! Our podcast explores a lot of great topics about making webcomics, selling comics at conventions, and promoting yourself. Here's some of my favorite episodes if you want to check them out. And hey, if you like them, consider becoming a backer so we can bring you more!

NEW Bonus Comic for $6+ Patrons Do worlds have any OTHER effects on characters besides changing their art styles?

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