Sydney isn't okay with all this magic.

Speaking of things that Sydney is absolutely not handling well, check this awesome Sombulus fanfiction out over on AO3 by Sturzkampf!
The Nusquam Horror (8928 words) by Sturzkampf
Chapters: 2/4
Fandom: Sombulus
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sydney Treuno, Astyr Kaedermos, Rana Tashovik, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Pre-Canon

On the myriad world of Nusquam, The Story has begun and Great Cndulhu has risen from the depths to rule once more. Fortunately, A Hero has arrived to Save the World!

New Guest Comic! Here's another little fun comic I made, this time for Jemma over at Children of Eldair! It's a very lovely comic and I'm just loving the mystery behind everything. Check it out!
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