Cioara and Tenge have a plan.

Are you on Discord? I have a new Discord chat server, where you can talk about Sombulus, see art as I work on it, and share puns/cute animal pictures. I'm probably not going to keep the invite up for long, so hop on in!

More Comics of the Week features from the SpiderForest Collective this week! Yes indeed!

Leylines by Robin Childs - When an irresponsible prince, his dream-weaving sister, and their adopted brother are given a mission by a voiceless goddess of dreams, they will be forced to choose between their future and their family.

I've been following LeyLines for a few years now and it's such a well-crafted story. Robin's also one of my co-hosts over at the Webcomic Alliance podcast. Look for our long-form takeover episodes to hear more about storycrafting, and of course, read her comic!

The Ferrin by Alyssa Laraine Steele - All Elanor wanted to do was finish her Thesis project. Looks like she's going to have a lot more to write about than just the Ferrin's social behavior if she ever gets to finish it.

Best part: Fluffy murder wingcat aliens. Need I say more?

Sunset Grill by Kat Feete - Gangsters. Soldiers. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer.

Kat's 3D skills blow my mind, and her characters have that snark and grit that's fascinating to read while simultaneously being folks you never ever ever want to meet in reality.

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