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Q&A - The Murin Family Pets

Q&A - The Murin Family Pets

I was really hoping to have this next scene set up, but between my freelance clients coming out of winter hibernation, taxes (let me tell you how anxiety-inducing tax season is as a full-time freelancer) and a tight spring convention schedule, I need a little more time. So I'm putting up a few fun Q&A comics I've been running on Patreon this week and maybe next? Thanks so much for your patience during this little interim period, and I'll let you know when I have more certain dates.

In the meantime, MASSIVE THANKS and welcome to everyone who checked out Sombulus at Wondercon! Here's a little highlight thread I made on Twitter of all the cool stuff that happened. Next week I'll be heading off to Silicon Valley Comic Con. Hope to see you there!

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