Rana can't fix everything.

This week's new SpiderForest comics have some cool looks at shiny sci-fi futures, whoo!

Earth in a Pocket: Shipwrecked anthropologist-turned-astronaut Halisi Mwangi finds herself with a new mission: to teach the local alien denizens about humanity, armed with only the contents of her pockets. I adore this comic's soft-science approach, cool anthropology facts sprinkled everywhere, and the cutest baby aliens ever.

Faction: In a high tech virtual reality game, Emma Martina - a well known sponsored player - must save her teammates, face mounting pressure from her sponsors, she begins to wonder how long she has before she's out of a job. Think .hack with more FPS MMO flavor.

Temerity: This one follows the high-action adventures of a space bounty hunter team, and is written by Jemma Young, who does the excellent fantasy comic Children of Eldair, and is in the last 3 days of her holiday art Kickstarter with some amazing Eldair and Brandon Sandorson-inspired art. Temerity is in its early stages but it's already amazing-looking, and Jemma's a powerhouse of world-building. Looking forward to where it goes!

Gifts of Wandering Ice: An isolated society scavenges "ice gifts", artifacts frozen in icebergs from a civilization long forgotten, but maybe not entirely gone... and maybe not entirely safe, either. The world-building that's gone into this and how the backstory is slowly being revealed is so intriguing. It's got a good archive, so definitely recommended if you want something that's a little further along!
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