Skip Day - Post-Con Rebuffering

Skip Day - Post-Con Rebuffering

Hey all! So I finished up my spring convention season last week! I got to meet Sombulus readers from California, Washington, Utah and Colorado over the last three months, and it was such a blast! Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your enthusiasm for Sombulus! It was really great to put some names to faces!

I'm delighted that my buffer served its purpose through all the traveling, but I need a bit of time to get that back, so I'm taking the week off from posting pages. I'm also prepping because all you awesome supporters on Patreon helped push us to the next milestone a few weeks ago! Thanks to your support, I'll be looking to hire some coloring help once I have some lead time again.

Thanks once again for all the great donations, comments, and show of support at conventions, and look for a new page next week!
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