Separating the two strands. (Color flatting on today's page by Kristina Stipetic)

Hey everyone! I just want to thank you all so much for being here and for supporting Sombulus and my other punny weird fantasy art. Your support recently has allowed me to grow so much, hire comic assistant help so I have time again for print prepping Book 3, go to more conventions, and make bills sting a little less during slow freelance months. Every pledge makes a big difference!

I'm really close to being in a place where I can confidently offer early Sombulus page previews at the Sombulus Fan Lounge now. I've gone ahead and made some updates to my Patreon tiers so that if we can get 10 patrons in the Sombulus Fan Lounge tier, early pages will be a new bonus we unlock!

And as an added thanks, I'm declaring it Sticktember all month! All patrons at any level during the month of September can choose a sticker from my stock! Thank you to everyone for your support!

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