Holiday Break 2019!

Holiday Break 2019!

And with that, Act 8 of Sombulus is finished! Thank you all so much for your support on social media, your votes on TopWebComics, your support on Patreon that let me hire out color flatting for a bit, and for ALL the great questions, discussion, and bad bad puns in the Discord community.

The story will be on break while I finish out my holiday work and hang out with friends and family. But starting next week, on December 31, I'll be running a short comic I made for the SpiderForest Gallery of Rogues anthology back in 2018 called "The Knight and the Knave". The whole book is a great sampler of my collectivemates' work. If you didn't catch the Kickstarter for it, you can get a copy here!

The main story should be resuming in February. Until then, enjoy the holidays and a fun flashback story about Rana, Sydney and Astyr being fully corporeal and not sad about anything.
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