Fedros gets to the point.

SpiderForest's annual Comic of the Week showcase has begun! Our collective has been around for 16 years, and we make fine-quality webcomics of all genres and styles. No matter what you like, you'll find a new favorite in our roster!

SpiderForest Comic of the Week Showcase - Magical Mysteries

Heirs of the Veil - The young witch Victoria receives a mysterious letter from her vanished mother, calling her to the town of Port Arbores. There she has to face her heritage and a threat that has haunted her family for centuries.

Of Magic and Muses - When Willow receives a magic pendant that transforms her into a magical girl, she's determined to learn more about her power. But when more and more of her classmates find them too, it's clear that there's more hiding beyond the walls of their seemingly normal boarding school. Go support the Kickstarter for Book 2!

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