Madir meets Sonia.

SpiderForest's annual Comic of the Week showcase has begun! Our collective has been around for 16 years, and we make fine-quality webcomics of all genres and styles. No matter what you like, you'll find a new favorite in our roster!

SpiderForest Comic of the Week Showcase - Fantasy

Court of Roses is an extremely fun fantasy story about a group of bards on a quest to solve murders, dodge bandits, and shed light on the ghosts of their past. Very LGBTQ-friendly, lots of amazing action sequences and endearing moments, and some exquisite puns, definitely recommended!

Ingress Adventuring Company - The great half-elf wizard professor Toivo Kissa is two parts disaster, one part magic badass, and one part embarrassing dad/ex. But he's also the entirety of his own adventuring company, and these are his quests! Kay's expressive style will hook you immediately, and the humor and depth of the characters are SO good.

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