Cioara takes the phone while Rana takes the wheel.

More new webcomic collectivemates to check out! Whoo!

The Stoop-Gallants: An accidental necromancer, his bookish roomie, a city girl banished for letting her fiance bake cookies with the potassium cyanide, an unassuming magical peasant from the sewers, a sassy squire, and a zealously awkward lady knight (who Sydney would absolutely be BFFs with) all find themselves on an epic fantasy quest to solve one another's ridiculous problems. The characters are super-fun, the humor is great, AND it comes back from hiatus today! Win win win!

Northwind: Two goofy angels get banished to Earth and have to learn how to "human" with the help of their mentor and some new human friends. Meanwhile, very sinister supernatural plots are in motion, and might bring their fun adventures to a sudden crash. A sweet slice-of-life and bittersweet slice-of-death with some gorgeous character designs and good good wingboys, which I always appreciate!
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