Tenge catches up with himself.

Vote on TWC to see: Art from the very first versions of Sombulus I ever did! Look at how Rana's hair used to be!

The full original pages are being posted on my Patreon too, which you can support any time by clicking that button on the sidebar. Thanks to everyone who's chipped in!

Important News!

Speaking of Patreons, it is my moral imperative to inform you that there is a MASSIVELY CUTE sketch of Sydney and Lave flirting and petting goats over on the Damsels Don't Wear Glasses Patreon and if you miss out on it, that's a piece of your life that may NEVER BE FULFILLED. And personally I think that's worth $5 to avoid such a risk.

Also there's a guest comic by me on Suihira this week! Riana's story and characters were a lot of fun to work with, so do check it out and read the rest of her beautiful beautiful comic if you haven't already!
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